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White Buffalo Calf Woman by HarttoHeart White Buffalo Calf Woman by HarttoHeart
Prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Women
The prophecy calls for the white buffalo to change colors four times with each color change representing the four colors of man. Eventually, the prophecy will be fulfilled by all races uniting when the buffalo turns white again. According to the legend, the Earth has been divided into four islands representing the four sacred colors. The people of each island have been entrusted to care for a part of the four spirits:
1. The island of Africa was given to the black brothers, who were to take care of the energy force or our heart.
2. The Island of Europe was given to the white brothers, who were to take care of the air.
3. The Island of Asia was given to the yellow brothers, who were to take care of the water. (Life's Blood.
4. The Island of North America was given to the red men, who were to care for Mother Earth.

The White Buffalo Calf was a sign to begin the joining of the four islands, unifying the four sacred colors of the Earth and eventually bring Global Peace and unite all races by one year 2021.

News Article 
"American Legend Is Made Flesh"
By: Megan Garvey

"Miracle stands in her mother's considerable shadow, her champagne coat ghost like against the chocolate-colored herd. She is a mat of frame. Yet Miracle is the mythical White Buffalo- symbol of hope, rebirth and unity.
Miracle's likelihood, according to the National Buffalo Assoc., is somewhere in the range of one in 6 billion. The only other documented white buffalo this century died in 1959. His name was Big Medicine. He lived for 36 years.
Miracle lives on the bison farm of Dave Heider in Janesville, Wis.
One Story told by Tony Ironshell of the Rosebud Sioux tribe in South Dakota says that many years ago, three hunters encountered a white buffalo calf. The white buffalo turned herself into a woman and instructed the hunters to return to their village and prepare for her arrival. With that pipe she brought Sioux laws, and many things changed. The pipe from the White Buffalo Calf Woman is still kept in South Dakota."
The Cherokee Messenger- November, 1994
BH-FoRD Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
awesome painting
partyease Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
This touches my heart.  As I was waking one morning, in that space between sleep and wake, I "saw" in my minds eye "" and "".  I had never heard of white buffalo!  I looked it up online and found the prophecy of White Buffalo Woman and also found a Buffalo ranch in Bend, Oregon that had white buffalo! 
Thanks for sharing this on here, so glad I found it.
HarttoHeart Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
No problem! All of our artwork is up for sale now if you are interested in putting this around your house! It's truly a rarity to see a white buffalo!
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